Parsons Album Dominus


Ajax's Health Clearances

  • OFA Hips: Good
  • OFA Elbows: DJD1, Normal
  • DM: Clear

Ajax's Accomplishments

  • Best In Multi Breed Show

Ajax is the grandson of our Sapphire, the Daughter of our Darla, and a full brother to Sunshine. Ajax is a mellow and super sweet boy, yet has good drives for prey, play and defense. He is a wonderful house dog, with an easy going and eager to please character. He is a bit of a softy, with discipline needing nothing more than a raised voice for good response. Ajax is practically perfection his physique, having earned a Best In Multi Breed Show and a champion title at a very young age. He has jet black pigmentation, dark eye color and perfect ear set. He has the exact same carriage and movement as his grandmother, who is also a Multi-Breed Best in Show winner, and boasts the same composition as his sire, our Solomon. Ajax is retired now, having just turned 6 years old on February 14th. He is neutered, has great house manners and is an easy keeper. He lives in SoCal these days.