Every aspect of my purchase from Moro Shepherds was wonderful. The puppy I purchased was lovingly cared for, was given her first puppy shots, wormed, and was very well socialized. Moro Shepherds are raised in their home, with the family, and the whelping and puppy play area were always very clean and well kept. Having requested specific information on the pedigree, the information provided by Sydney of Moro Shepherds was received promptly and was in great detail. Sydney is extremely kind, and very knowledgeable in each and every puppies' needs. She places them carefully in loving homes and assists in every aspect from birth through purchase. I highly recommend Moro Shepherds for anyone looking for a healthy, well-adjusted and intelligent puppy. - Jennifer

Sydney was a pleasure to work with from the start. She provides you with access to watch the puppies to get a feel for their personalities and you're able to see they are very well taken care of. She is also careful to evaluate the puppies individually and best steer you towards the puppies that would match the type of companion you are looking for. Sydney continued to show she is truly a responsible breeder during our adoption process as when we expressed we wanted to add two puppies to our family she was cautious to guarantee we could handle that responsibility. With her help my husband and I were able to choose two Moro Shepherds that are not only balanced with each other but fit perfectly into our home. Appa is a laid back, gentle giant who loves affection but isn't shy to protect his family. Korra is an athlete, never far from a frisbee, who has a larger than life personality. They are gorgeous, each having the appropriate masculine/feminine features. They are such a pleasure to train and are true to breed standard all around. We love our Moro Shepherds and can not thank Sydney enough! - Rachel

We couldn't be more pleased with our Swiss White Shepherd from Moro Shepherds. We have owned and loved two German Shepherds previously and it was hard to imagine finding a dog equally intelligent, loyal and trainable, but our Swiss White has all those traits, plus extraordinary playfullness and friendliness towards dogs, people and cats as well! The breeder Sydney does a great job with the pups and sets up a web cam so you can watch pups and mom to your heart's delight. She also matches potential owners to pups based on owner preferences and lifestyle against the puppy temperament test. We definitely got a pup suited to our active and outdoor lifestyle. He's a great companion on the trail, boat, ATV or in the water. I would definitely use this breeder again! - Anne

Best pup ever! Thank you!! - Robin

I would like to Thank Sydney Garfias for giving me the greatest pup ever! 15 months old and he's my best friend. Such a gorgeous Boy! I couldn't ask for a better Dog/Pup. - Victor

I have been in the dog world my entire life and I know first hand that it is not just the parents of a puppy that make it what it is, but how they are raised, those first months makes all the difference. I cannot thank you enough for all you do with your litters. Kuma is a confident, very friendly puppy, who loves life and all it throws at her - not to mention beautiful and so breed correct in looks and temperament it is amazing. I cannot wait to see where this girl takes me and enjoy all the adventures we will go on together. In a world that has become so tainted and uncaring, it is very heart warmning to find a breeder who not only goes above and beyond to do things right, but also truly cares about each puppy they produce. - Arleen

Bowie is an absolutely wonderful pup. He is loving, fun, smart and full of cuddles. We couldn't have been more happy with our experience with Moro Shepherds. Thank you Sydney for all your wisdom and for breeding such beautiful, healthy pups! - Nancy

This is by far the best dog I ever owned. Moro Shepherds clearly does an amazing job at breeding beautiful and smart dogs with a well-balanced character. I highly recommend this breeder to any future dog owner who is looking for a unique dog to fall in love with. - François

I just thought you would like to see what a beautiful girl Helga grew up to be. She truly is the smartest dog I have ever known, and very sweet. Helga is such a snuggle bug and a princess in every way. Helga and Hagar (my labrador age 13) are best friends. She is so gentle and loving couldn’t ask for a better K-9 friend! - Ute

Hi Sydney! Wanted to give you an update on our beautiful Kaya aka purple. She is doing great and we get so many compliments on how well behaved she is at 4 months. Thank you so much...the kids adore her and she does them! - Howard

An update on Keeper (O Pink) from Alaska- our little devil is coming into her own and she impresses everyone she meets. Brave, observant, playful. A winning combination! - Jamie

We are so glad we found you guys. As you know this was our first time working with a breeder and you made us feel so confident in our decision. We're just waiting for Aria to get a little older so we can add another perfect Parson's pup to our family! - Cassy

Sydney’s dedication and expertise in regards to her breeding program is awesome. I enjoyed every part of the process of choosing and taking home my pup. Now my pup has grown and his temperament is sweet, his health is the best my vet has seen in a shepherd, and he is so smart! I would highly recommend Moro Shepherds. - Mike

We purchased Shasta in 2012. I have been meaning to send an email thanking you for being such a great breeder. Shasta is just the best dog. She loves kids and adults and is very sweet tempered. David and I are crazy about her. She is protective when I am alone and even when David and I are home, together. She is loved by everyone and Shasta is pretty sure that everyone is here to see her. Again, thank you. - Kathy

I just want you to know how fabulous Vinny is. He is the best looking dog I have ever seen in person, he looks just like pictures of Sully except his head looks a little smaller, more like Darla's size. His coat is extremely long and lays perfectly on his back. It is so long it looks like he if thicker than he really is. He has a mane around his face and long locks by his ears is noticed by everyone. I didn't think his tail was going to be like Sully's but now it is filling out just like Sully's. He loves group dog school, he went to puppy splash at the water park and he love's to swim. We got him a little pool outside, but his number one love in life is balls. He has a ball in his mouth constantly, and wants you to throw it all the time. My daughter is 26, she is so attached to Vinny she said she will be at home with Vinny until she is 40 years old. Thank you for breeding such a wonderful dog! We love him to death! - Roxane

Hi Sydney! We hope you’re doing well. Today is Ivan’s 1-year birthday and we’re so happy he’s part of our family. He has a big personality, is very affectionate and playful, and is so beautiful. He loves running around the backyard but also loves to curl up at my feet and nap. We love him so very much and will be forever grateful that we found you. - Rhonda

Arrow from the "F" litter is the most wonderful dog I have ever owned. I just wanted to update you. - Amy