Parsons Darling of Sapphire


Darla's Health Clearances

Darla's Accomplishments

Darla is physically lovely, intelligent, athletic, confident, and has a friendly, outgoing nature. She is a ball and frisbee freak, she ground scent tracks, hunts, and has both a high play and prey drive. She is a notch or two more mellow than her dam, our Sapphire, but otherwise has all of the same attributes and would be still considered a high drive dog for her breed, She is mischievous and head strong, but once fully trained in a particular area she sets into her proper role quickly and without complaint. Darla is a very correct and striking to look at in the flesh. She has great substance, perfect bright white coat and get black pigment, dark eyes, and never gets snow nose. She has an overall curvy look with a nicely long and sabred tail that has a correct set and length. She has a nicely wide sprung chest, narrow waist, and excellent curve of stifle. Her front and rear are straight as an arrow, and she has enormous front reach and single tracts excellently. Her topline is smooth and without break. Darla has almond shaped eyes and a very serene, intelligent, but lively expression. Darla is a product of our Sapphire, who is a Best in Show winner, and Champion Surefire Legolas of Mirkwood, who retired in export to Belgium. Darla is a very good example of what our program is aiming to produce in body and mind. Darla is retired and living in Seattle, Washington.