Elka of the Parsons


Elka's Health Clearances

Elka's Accomplishments

Elka was my first White Shepherd. We lost her at 10.5 years of age due to cancer. Her hips/elbows were OFA good/normal at 26 months, MDR1 clear, and descended from Poorboy stock. She had medium bone, an athletic build, and correct structure and has very nice, graceful movement, with a bright white coat. She had superb composition. Elka was a very confident, alpha female with a high prey drive, and had natural abilities that lend themselves to agility. Her protection instincts were very strong, yet she was sensitive to her handler which made her super easy to train. She was highly intelligent, and can open almost any door or latch on our property. She LOVED children, and although she was the alpha canine at our house, she got along great with other dogs. Having grown up around dogs all of my life - this is my favorite dog, EVER. Elka passed away in 2017, to recurring mammary cancer.