Fire Fenix von King's Silbertal


Fenix's Health Clearances

Fenix's Accomplishments

  • UKC Champion ptd

Fenix came to us from King’s Silbertal in Germany. He comes from a long line of IPO titled dogs and was brought to Moro to maintain genetic diversity and great health, while maintaining the athletic type and working character which is the goal of the Moro breeding program. Fenix now resides with Bella Neve Shepherds in Virgina. Fenix is available for stud service through frozen AI as we have Fenix banked with International Canine Semen Bank. Stud service is $2500 plus any fees associated with ICSB.

After a long search, we found a breeder that had the same strive for a total dog, while paying strict attention to strict requirements pertaining to health for the betterment of the breed entire. Fenix is just as strong and correct in his physicality and health as he is in temperament. He has strong bone, and superb pigmentation, and a compact build that is very suitable for agility or other performance related disciplines.

He is a higher energy boy that is afraid of nothing. He is confident in his carriage and seems to not have a care in this world. He is highly intelligent, and is learning commands at a faster rate than many of our other dogs. Fenix literally always has a smile on his face. He is sensitive to his handler and eager to please and very biddable.

Fenix is a long coated proven stud and is available for service to approved bitches through AI. OFA excellent hips, superb PennHip scores, and clear of all known genetic anomalies. Fenix now lives with Bella Neve White Shepherds in Virginia, to offer his amazing traits as foundation stock in that breeding program.