Parsons Deesse Du Soleil


Soleil's Health Clearances

Soleil's Accomplishments

Parsons Deesse du Soleil, French for Goddess of the Sun, was named after her mother, Sunshine. Having a similar bouncy and happy character - very very bouncy actually, she has a nickname of Tigger.

Soleil is the happiest dog ever, always having a big doggy smile, and rarely is ‘business’ and is nearly always ‘play’. Soleil has a confident and independent character, which as a little pup often led her away from the litter pack, tracking everywhere even as a tiny pup. She would wander off, sniffing until she would get so tired she would crash wherever her nose left her. Soleil has nice coat color and the darkest pigmentation found in this breed. She carries a lovely, intelligent and happy expression that is very pleasing to the eye. She is Nova’s right hand in acting as enforcer in our in house dog pack. She has very correct structure, having nice bone, and an elegant outline and nicely balanced movement with good reach and drive. She carries the long coated gene from her sire, and will produce long coated puppies when the time comes.

We expect Soleil to carry on the character traits that make Sunshine and her progeny such good candidates for service work and therapy. Both are very people oriented, and their amazing noses make them suitable for various medical alert or tracking/noes disciplines.