Parsons AkioYodasan VanZay


Yodasan's Health Clearances

AkioYodasan is a certified wilderness/urban search dog for Taos Search and Rescue. He is cross-trained: for both Live Find and HRD, in Air/Area Search and Track/Trail. Additionally, he has exposure to finding under snow and water. In this way, he is prepared to best serve his team in any situation, as was his predecessor before him. His work-ability and adaptability through all these modalities and environments has been exceptional. He learns quickly and has excellent work drives.

AkioYodasan has a very happy countenance and is super friendly with everyone he meets. He is strong-willed and driven to succeed. He exhibits such a nice balance of the qualities needed, as he is quite independent, yet he also thrives on attention and affection. This has given him the ability to readily work and range away to make a find, yet is very eager to go into a new person he has never met.

AkioYodasan is a very good problem solver. He has been put through many paces with puzzle toys that he must figure out solo or take direction from his handler to figure out, so he works well as a team. He loves each challenge and approaches them with zealous vigor.

AkioYodasan is extremely athletic and took to all agility obstacles right away. He is excellent at jumping and like to tunnel.

He has not shown any sensitivities to sound or movement. He never flinches in the least at things such as slippery surfaces, movement under his feet, or loud noises of any kind. He has had no problem with gunshots, dropping objects, thunder, cars back-firing, etc, even when in super-close proximity. He loads the Blackhawk helicopter very well when in full rotation, so rotor wash or aircraft noise are no issue.

He never met a toy he didn’t love.

He currently assists and demonstrates when his handler teaches obedience, agility, behavior modification, K9 enrichment and nose-work classes. He is fine-tuned and sensitive to what his handler needs of him, with respect to other people and dogs.